Gospel of the Serpent

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Gospel of the Serpent

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"This is the first draft of the first part of my work The Gospel of the Serpent, I am deeply indebted to the work of the Current 218 and Liber Falxifer, as well as the Nag Hammadi Library (esp. "On the Origin of the World"), some Jewish Midrashim, and the Christian bible for the construction of this section alone.
Feedback is appreciated."

The Gospel of the Serpent

Book 1

1 In the beginning, there was Silence.

Existence was a watery Abyss.

Being an Abyss it is described as an Emptiness,

For it was without form.

Yet it contained the potential to be all things,

Thus may it be described also as a Fullness.

2 It was called Tiamat, the Mother of All.

Serpent of the Deep Waters.

She existed in stillness, a roaring Silence

Calm yet tense like the eye of a storm.

3 Yet by necessity all that potential caused an implosion

A contraction, a rupture, a space was thus created.

And this contraction was called by the name Tzimtzum.

From this erupted something not of the Abyss

4 Being not of the Abyss this thing was incomplete

Being incomplete it was imperfect

Being imperfect it contained ignorance

Being ignorant it lacked the Stillness and Silence of perfection

It was afflicted with desire and out of its desire it too began to produce

5 It is called Yaldabaoth, Saklas, Samael, and Jehovah, and Demiurge.

From Jehovah came forth what is called the World.

And this World was shaped in imitation of the things in the formless Abyss

Things that existed in the realm of potential as a black liquid fire found themselves imprisoned

Given form and made to bend to the Will of of Jehovah

And he was pleased.

6 He created division between things

It is through division, through ignorance, that the world was made

Because creation is born of division,

It is an abomination, a disruption of the primal Oneness.

This is why the world is afflicted with ugliness,

And only glimmers of beauty shine through.

7 Upon the birth of Jehovah and in response to his creation

The Abyss brought forth an anti-creation,

A realm and beings of dissolution.

A crooked path by which the creation could be undone.

A means of salvation and return of creation to the Stillness that birthed it,

That whosoever has knowledge of the path may escape their bondage.

8 For himself Jehovah made hosts of rulers beneath his rule

And he appointed them governors of divisions of his creation.

9 Thus it came to pass that Jehovah made his final creation

The crown of his Kingdom and this was called Man.

But like his creator the man was incomplete

A creature of divided nature.

10 And from man Jehovah fashioned a consort

It was called Woman, and she too was filled with division.

The man he called Adam and the woman he called Eve.

11 Now the anti-creation gave forth it’s response.

In the midst of the garden of creation was a large tree

And it became filled and enchanted with the Wisdom of the Abyss

A Black Flame of the Spirit

That whosoever ate of it’s fruit would gain a spark of the Flame

And thus know Truth.

12 Seeing the strangeness of this tree, Jehovah was afraid.

He knew not the origin of it’s strangeness

And thus to reassure himself said, “There is no god but me.”

He then went and spoke unto Adam and Eve saying,

"Of every tree of the garden you may eat, except the tree in the midst of the garden,

For on the day you eat of it, you will die….”

13 Now the very essence of anticreation

The guardian of the Abyss

Chose to dwell in a Serpent in the tree.

He is called Satan, for he opposes Jehovah.

He is called Lucifer, for he brings the light of knowledge to man

He is called Christ, for he is anointed with the Waters of Tiamat.

He is called the Beast, for he teaches men to be Lawless like animals

14 And the woman came to see the tree

For she felt drawn to it.

And seeing it she was filled with wonder

15 The Serpent spoke unto her

"What did God say to you? Was it ‘Do not eat from the tree of knowledge’?"

16 And she said “”He said not only ‘Do not eat from it’, but ‘Do not touch it, lest you die.’”

He said to her, “Do not be afraid. In death you shall not die.

For he knows that when you eat from it your intellect will become sober

and you will be gods, knowing good from evil.

Indeed, it was in jealousy that he said this to you, so that you would not eat from it.”

17 And so she looked upon the fruit and saw that it was good to eat.

She ate of it and her intellect became sober and she knew good from evil

18 And the Serpent saw Eve transfigured by her awakening

And her beauty was the beauty of the Abyss and he was filled with longing for her

And she saw the Serpent as a radiant darkness and was filled with longing for him

Together they conceived a child in secret…

19 Then Eve gave the fruit unto her husband to eat.

And his intellect became sober and he knew good from evil

And they saw their godhood within them, all as the Serpent had said.

20 Seeing their godhood they were ashamed of their previous ignorance.

And knowing completion, they understood incompletion.

21 Jehovah was enraged by their Lawlessness

He came into the garden to find Adam and Eve

And he called out “Adam, where are you?”

Adam answered, “I am here, for through fear of you I hid.”

22 Jehovah said, “Why would you be afraid? Unless you disobeyed me!”

Adam answered,”Eve gave me the fruit of the tree and I ate it.”

23 Jehovah spoke unto Eve, “What have you done?”

She responded, “The Serpent taught me disobedience and I ate of the fruit he gave me.”

24 The ruler went to the tree to speak with the Serpent

And he saw a light shining from the tree

And he could not comprehend the light

Nor could he subdue it

25 In spite he cursed the Serpent

Then he cursed Eve and her offspring

And then he cursed Adam and all of creation

And Adam fell to his knees and begged forgiveness

Because he was closer in likeness to his creator

26And Adam was given authority over Eve as reward for his repentance

27 Jehovah spoke to the other rulers, ” The humans have become like us,

They know good from evil.”

So he cast them out of his garden into the wideness of creation

To toil the cursed land and live as slaves.

28 Adam knew lust for Eve and Eve soon bore twin children.

But Adam did not know Eve had already conceived before him

And the male child she bore she named Cain

And his blood was of his father the Serpent

And his will was Transgression.

The female child she bore she named Calmana

And her blood was of the Abyss

And her will was the beauty of freedom.

29 Adam again knew lust for Eve and she conceived and bore twin children

The male he named Abel.

And the female was called Celimat

Their blood was of their father the Demiurge

And their will was obedience to his will.

30 Cain became a harvester of the field

And Calmana was a tender of gardens

Abel became a shepherd

And Celimat tended the hearth

31 Now Adam demanded Cain to marry Celimat

And for Abel to marry Calmana

But Cain refused, for his desire was for his sister

Because he saw within her the Abyss to which his heart belonged.

32 Adam, being unable to decide anything for himself

Declared that Cain and Abel should each bring an offering to Jehovah

That whichever offering was favored would decide the dispute.

33 Abel brought the firstborn lamb of his flock and slaughtered it

He dripped its blood upon the altar of Jehovah and burned the fat.

The smoke of his offering wafted to the heavenly throne of the Demiurge

For the Demiurge delighted in bloodshed in his name and according to his will.

34 Cain then brought a share of the best of his harvest and burnt it on the altar

But the smoke of the offering clung to the earth

For the Demiurge disliked offerings born of peace

35 Abel and Celimat rejoiced with their father but Eve was distraught

For she saw

She went in secret to Cain and Calmana and revealed to them their true heritage

She revealed all that the Serpent, her true love, had taught her

36 Thus they plotted rebellion against the Demiurge

Cain lured Abel into the fields and slew him with his scythe

Calmana lured Celimat into her garden and put her to sleep with poison

And while she slept Celmana cut open the vessel of her body spilling her bowels onto the earth.

37 The blood of Abel and his sister cried out to their god

And Jehovah came down in rage

He asked of Cain, “Where is Abel?”

Cain answered, “Am I my brother’s keeper?

Look, he is beneath this mound of earth in my field.”

38 Jehovah was further enraged by Cain’s defiance.

He said, “Your brother’s blood cries out to me for vengeance!”

But a mark appeared upon Cain’s brow

A mark of a cross, for in him the anticreation had crossed into the creation

And from then on Jehovah and his fellow rulers could not harm the bearer of this mark

39 Thus the Demiurge was powerless against Cain, and all who were of his blood

The blood of the Serpent, and the eaters of the fruit of the tree.

It was then that the Demiurge understood Cain’s true heritage,

40 For in the likeness of the cross on his brow Jehovah recognized the shape of the tree.

And Jehovah knew fear and vowed war upon the Serpent and his bloodline.

Then Cain was joined by his bride and she too bore the mark.

41 Together they left the sight of Jehovah

They bore many children and produced much fruit

And they were a thorn in the side of Jehovah;

Enemies of his Law, Enemies of his People,



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