Minor Arcana of the Star of Azazel Tarot

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Minor Arcana of the Star of Azazel Tarot

Postby Nefastos » Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:43 pm

Some years ago I made this rudimentary form of the Star of Azazel Minor Arcana tarots. Since then I have not worked so much with the tarot, so this work has not been tested nor has it proceeded. But since I like the idea of the Minor Arcana with names, I would like to give these alpha names for you, if someone is interested on this kind of working. I'm afraid I can't answer very well to any questions about the names however. But comments are welcome, as are results, if someone would like to experiment.

At least in this alpha version the pages/princesses got names, but the knights, queens or kings did not. I think that they will in the final version, but in some more bizarre way: perhaps as the names adopted from some demons, spirits, archetypes, divinities, celestial signs, creatures or planes. I have to think that out.


I Tree of Life
II Wounded Healer
III Brotherhood
IV By the Brook
V Trial by Fire
VI Garden
VII Independence
VIII Bridge at the Mountain
IX Harness
X Iron Hook
XI Messenger

I Fulfillment
II Joy
III Prosperity
IV Fleeting Joy
V Disappointment
VI Well of Memories
VII Harlot
VIII Wandering
IX Luck
X Bounty
XI Poet

I Pride
II Concord
III Grief
IV Coffin
V Loss
VI Succesful Journey
VII Impatience
VIII Shackle
IX Despair
X Ruin
XI Squire

I Opulence
II Bardo
III Diadem
IV Earned Sceptre
V Drained Fount
VI Grace
VII Bitterness
VIII Golden Circle
IX Castle
X Treasure Chest
XI Flag-Bearer
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Re: Minor Arcana of the Star of Azazel Tarot

Postby RaktaZoci » Sat Oct 31, 2015 11:41 am

What an interesting initiative. Can't wait to get visuals for these (possibly the artists we have amongst us could help..?) and the Major Arcana of course too.
How do you manage this all, I wonder? :)
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