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Re: Banishing rituals

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FrequencyDX wrote:Basically as my occult background is heavily rooted in thelema and the GD, I have found alot of merit in a "banishing ritual" of sorts in order to settle down into a mindful state for devotion, ceremonial magick, etc. In the past i'd have used to lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, which leads me to my present point;Is there any such ritual within the Star of Azazel, or have any members of this forum found benefit in a ritual in order to settle the mind before practice?
There was a time before joining the SoA back in 2007 when I did the Lesser Banishing Ritual of Pentagram along with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of Hexagram daily before and after at least half an hour of meditation in Asana. Now if I understan you correctly, the point of the rituals for you isn't so much the banishing but the settleing of the mind before the central working? In this case, I'd suggest the Rosary of Azazel. It is a suitably lengthy procedure, and, unlike the tetragrammatons and such of the LBRP and LBRH, its terminology supports perfectly our Celestial Hymns.
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Re: Banishing rituals

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obnoxion wrote:In this case, I'd suggest the Rosary of Azazel.

...Which, regrettably, is still unavailable in English. :? The Rosary practice will be translated later this year, and also with extra commentaries for our dear English members & readers.
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