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Re: Altars

Postby Seeker666 » Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:43 pm

Nefastos wrote:
Seeker666 wrote:a Vajra bell? how does one use that?

Vajra (Dorje in Tibetan) and bell are two polarities of the spiritual search ceremonialized. Vajra, or the Lightning-Sceptre or the Diamond-Sceptre, is usually held in the right hand, while the bell is held in the left hand. I, however, use them in reversed manner, holding the bell in the right hand & the vajra in the left, then crossing these to my chest at the beginning of the theurgistic practice.

Very interesting Frater!
Do you recommend any particular music for ritual?
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Re: Altars

Postby Nefastos » Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:21 pm

Seeker666 wrote:Do you recommend any particular music for ritual?

I think it's a very personal choice.

Even if at some point the brotherhood would have ritual music specifically composed to that function (using the gamuts given in Legifer), the most important would be that the practitioner oneself would feel the music uplifting.
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Re: Altars

Postby Heith » Fri Jan 31, 2014 5:27 pm

Personally for me it depends entirely of what kind of a working I am attempting. For shamanic techniques, I find a live drum to be helpful. I have had the same drummer every time I do this, so it's difficult to say how it would work with others. Trust is extremely important in situations like this. I can't drum for myself.

Sometimes it seems better that there is no sound at all. But almost always I have my ritualistic iron bowl that I ring nine times prior to working, and also close with this.

I also use rattlers. The drum has a commanding sound, whereas the rattler is more beckoning in a way. One likes to follow its sound and it evokes a sense of curiosity. It's more "soft" than the drum, I think.

I also find that sometimes, especially when working outside, I begin to sing spontaneously. This usually comes as a sort of aftermath of the working- words of praise. Or a calling, and then it would occur at the beginning. I find that I am not naturally very well versed in galdr, so I don't do attempt that very often.

Of recorded music, I sometimes have ambient music on the background but generally for a ritual I like to make all the sounds by myself, or on the rare occasion that I should work in a group, with the others present.

Depends entirely of the kind of working though.
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Re: Altars

Postby FrequencyDX » Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:14 pm

I currently have a small altar in my bedroom that I use during my daily spiritual practices; ranging from devotion, to meditation, to yoga, and so on. It consists of:

-Statue of Shakyamuni Buddha on a small wooden table with long legs, draped in a red sheet.
-a small water offering bowl
-wall hanging of Amida Buddha
-An old cross hanging on a rope
-inverted cross
-SOA bookmark with the inverted cross and bible quote
-beads, rosary.
-An icon of Master Yeheshua
-small pieces of rock from important spiritual places

Pretty simple, but works well for me.


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