Differences of Psychic Phenomena in Different Systems

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Re: Differences of Psychic Phenomena in Different Systems

Postby obnoxion » Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:46 pm

It is a spelndid realization to see Mahamara in the Jewel. I suppose it is the seeming settling of the energies where they tend to poison.

My understanding is that the Manipadme is as the shakti of Avalokiteshvara-Shiva joined in congress, and so one would search the essence from the ever-oscillating interstitial energies (Iam inclined to see here a metaphysical aspect of the kula-nectar). What is seen as a solid pearl from below could be realized as a delicate droplet of dew from above...?

I very much share to idea that everyone is a force. Human is a familial assembly of forces. In my LHP, I see this assembly much like the Witche's Sabbath, which is a reamrably kaula-ish concept. It is, I think, the paradigmatic LHP revelation in the West, and I consider it as sacred as, for example, The Last Supper. Once you see the Sabbath as an inner reality of subtle energies, you have practically arrived to the world of the Highest Yoga Tantras, haven't you.

I find it actually quite interesting to contemplate the paradigmatic assemblies of different Traditions. I mentioned the Last Supper, which is assembly of humans and nonhumans: There is Christ, and his substance is also present in the bread and wine; There is Satan who enters Judas; There is the chalice which becomes in the enduring legends a Goddes of sorts; and there are the men...
One day of Brahma has 14 Indras; his life has 54 000 Indras. One day of Vishnu is the lifetime of Brahma. The lifetime of Vishnu is one day of Shiva.

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