Inherited potential in magic?

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ben Shachar
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Re: Inherited potential in magic?

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This is a very interesting topic as I have been initiated into freemasonry and quickly made fellowcraft which, the day after my ritual ceremony I moved across country to be with my father who had fallen ill. Had I stayed I would have made master in under six months. Moving is a complication in freemasonry which becomes and infinite obstacle to further progress and I had already proven to myself the point of my initiation. I had such an easy time because I was convinced I had done this before. Such is an essential point to freemasonry, that over lifetimes one makes faint impressions upon the self that will cause that self same reincarnated to fall under the same influences regardless of exposure or lineage. I became a mason without any relative or known peer to introduce me. I literally had the secretary and WM as the two required masons to vouch for me.
It is worth mentioning that I was born on 8-13 a Fibonacci number, at the age of 13 offered up my soul to Satan for nothing in exchange but that it may be used to better suit a greater purpose than the Roman Catholic church I had been brought up in offered. At 13 i made my confirmation in the Catholic church under the agreement that I would never have to return to church thereafter. I chose Gaius Cassius Longinus after having read a book The Spear of Destiny. In all renaissance paintings including Longings his spear can be seen to pierce the side of Christ at the angle of 23.5 degrees the same number on the plaque including his name Loginos on the first painting naming him. I became a mason at the age of 33. Hardly a coincidence a person could plan out effectively.
In relation to heritage, mine is curious. On my mother's side, my grandfather was of well positioned social standing in pre WWII Italy in proximity to Mussolini and so he was to become a priest at the Vatican. He lied at the age of 17 claiming to be 18 to join the war effort. He was captured and brought to America where he carved the rock outside the prison camp he was held at. He remained an atheist untill the day he died.
My father's side is half Irish and half German. Though curiously not in a typical way. My grandfather and grandmother were both half Irish and half German respectively. My father recalls my grandfather's family had come from New England and Germany prior. He recalls my grandmother was Casey on Irish and Gumbol on German side,which he recalls were gypsy of Lithuanian descent and Kazarian Jews who changed religion in America before WWII. He remembers they had secret practises that were kept quite from the resulting family.
Given the history of Catholicism it was natural for me to explore freemasonry which I concluded after being risen to fellowcraft, was far too subtle of an approach to the mysteries and most of all I felt our time on Earth to be too short for half measures.
In conclusion, my natal chart has every signifier for a prior and current destiny in the occult. I don't believe magic to require ancestral history however I believe it certainly can concentrate aspects of the power and give affinity toward.
I do believe that Satan is in the blood and that many of us who gravitate to uphold the most noble of occult ideals through brotherhood such as this are examples of how it precipitates from the blood into reality. I believe that though disseminated widely for the purpose of adaptation and growth that same blood seeks reunification and communion in spirit.
I could go on and on, but wont.
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Re: Inherited potential in magic?

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Nefastos wrote:
Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:27 pm

Do any of us actually know of some relatives (parents, grandparents, forefathers) who had been interested in occult arts? Have you heard rumours?

Or alternatively, you may tell whether you think it's important or not to have something in your blood to attain magical development. Is a gift (or a curse...) of clairvoyance something that needs to be inherited?[/color]
My mother is from Thailand which is a deeply superstitious country. I remember once asking her to tell me some ghost stories from our mother land, and she replied she couldn't think of any. Some years later she told me about various ghosts and demons in Thai culture with whom she's had encounters. I said, "But mom, you told me you didn't have any ghost stories or folklore to share with me." She replied, "You asked for stories, not the truth."

It's rumoured that my maternal grandfather had a cousin who dabbled in necromancy, and that my grandfather dabbled along out of curiosity, but lived the rest of his life adamantly against what he called the black arts. It's an interesting thought to me because my grandfather was deeply devoted to Islam. Spirituality runs deep on both my dad and my mother's side, but to my knowledge my grandfather is the only one who had interest in the occult arts. I'm not even sure if his interest was actually in the Arts themselves, or just in curiosity of raising the dead. I've never met him, but perhaps there's some magic in my veins because of him or his cousin.
"Limited love asks for possession of the beloved, but the unlimited asks only for itself." -Kahlil Gibran
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Re: Inherited potential in magic?

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I believe we inherit also our cultures, our hometowns, social circes and our time. The karmic labyrinth makes us interact with the world meaning, for example, some people end up living in another side of the world, carrying the karmic chain towards its' next barycenter where it may potentially carry some of that weight to the void. That way our ancestors path and karma is part of ours not only in blood, or blood is to be concidered quite a wide term. I've not studied enough of the traditional beliefs of mana, but I've thought about it some on my own and to me it seems like this magic power in which we carry our ancestors ie. very close to blood and karma. This world we live in is the weight of our karma and karma allows (demands) us to interact in it. The world soul seems to be the whole mana pool wherefrom we draw our weight and power, the latter being born from the fall of that weight and meant to be used for cancelling the suffering. But there's a bit of a learing curve to it and sometimes we become foolishly smitten by the visions and dynamism adding to the chains of illusion.

Couldn't help to go a bit on the philosophical side here. But in this way I see I've also inherited some of my magical abilities, not only by latent currents in the family but also by what kind of attitude there has been towards the mystical nature of the world. I remember one time we were in my grandparents house, propably just happened to be there at the same time with some of the family. We are from a rural area and very work oriented background, so this is one of the very few times if not the only I remember these topics discussed. The discussions revolved around a traditional healers work and knowledge what were going to happen to my grandfathers ill brothers, who had returned home from the war back in the day. The sort of allowing and respectful atmosphere surrounded the discussions. This atmosphere is a partion of the power I feel I've been allowed to confess first hand and by which to absorb the weight.

I also remember a story of a drifter who cursed the family farms neighbours bloodline to cease in a certain point for not letting him stay the night. At the time of hearing this story it seemed to be effective but interestingly around the world kind of ways (involving Thailand :D ) the curse have been won.
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