The Crucifix

Symbols and allegories.
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The Crucifix

Postby Jiva » Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:51 pm

I was wondering what symbolism people have adopted or developed regarding probably the most pervasive symbol there is: the crucifix. I’ve no specific crucifix in mind here – either in shape, religious background and so on – but it would obviously be helpful to provide a description.

Aside from general curiosity, the reason I’m starting this thread is to expand a bit on when I mentioned I associated the Hanged Man of the tarot with Azazel. This is actually due to the crucifix symbolism on the card. The man is inverted but forming the upright cross with his legs, thus symbolising a unification of opposing forces in at least two Christian backgrounds: Jesus’ cross and St. Peter’s or the contrarian Satanic cross. I’ve also seen versions where he is bound and appears to have been hung as a punishment, but nevertheless has a rather contented expression as if the burden is easily borne. Then there is the rather obvious symbolism of hanging halfway between life and death. In other words: a unification of opposites that I think represents how we view Azazel quite well.
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Re: The Crucifix

Postby Nefastos » Sat May 02, 2015 9:36 am

I agree; crucifix - most of all the inverted one, thus taken apart from the associative context of the exoteric Christian dogmas - is a very important symbol for the "Azazelian" faith. Meaning not only the philosophy behind the Star of Azazel, but theoretically a larger philosophical connection.

Personally I use an inverted crucifix in many occasions, e.g. in one of my prayer rosaries. Where I have been Pavloved so bad about the protestant cross (the plain symbol of torture in the elements without the god-man on it) that I must fight against becoming angry whenever I see one in a crowd, crucifix on the other hand makes me happy. It's quite an Left Hand tantric symbol, having both the meanings of the matter, spirit, initiatory suffering & ascension. Only bad thing is the cultural associative context, as said, which is both tremendous & tremendously negative. Of course, a true aghori (brother Insanus?) might argue that that makes the symbol even more powerful...
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Re: The Crucifix

Postby RaktaZoci » Sat May 02, 2015 4:09 pm

I, personally, prefer the use of the pentagram as an "insignia" to be carried, rather than a cross, be it inverted or not. I think a significant connection, though, is the cross' connection to the cube and its connection to the three crosses on Golgata and thus the numerical value three cubes would signify.
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Re: The Crucifix

Postby Nokkonen » Sun May 03, 2015 7:57 pm

I love your association with the Hanged Man and Azazel, Jiva. That makes so much sense. It is a card of contradictions. I always associate the card with Odin, but regardless of who the Hanged One is, there's the act of sacrificing oneself to oneself. I feel great affinity with reversed Hanged Man too, him being the False Prophet instead of Lord of Surrender.

What comes to crucifixes, I kinda love them and they, perhaps through being exotic to me, seem much more profound than the protestant empty cross. I especially like the really gory ones where the pain is evident because there is significance in surrender to suffering.

Unlike many of us, Jesus had the luxury of making a choice to suffer. I guess he could have just said he wasn't the son of god after all and get away without getting tortured, but he wouldn't. He made a choice. And I could imagine that that's why the Hanged One is almost smiling. But once the ball got rolling, Jesus got robbed of his options and there was nothing to stop the torture. I sometimes wonder how people go through that kind of pain and what happens in them psychologically when they lose all autonomy and control over their bodies and can do nothing to avoid the pain. I could imagine there's anger and resistance at first, and that then the inevitability of what is happening is forced into the consciousness and there's surrender.

Odin's sacrifice seems much more deliberate. He hung and speared himself to gain wisdom. But he was a real god after all, unlike Jesus.
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Re: The Crucifix

Postby Heith » Mon May 04, 2015 9:01 am

Nokkonen wrote:But he was a real god after all, unlike Jesus.
:D Haha, I love you.
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Re: The Crucifix

Postby obnoxion » Sun May 10, 2015 3:10 pm

I am fond of crucifixes, and the only ones I own are upright ones. But I wear them very seldom, 2 - 3 times a year. And I always wear my religious jewelry under clothing.
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Re: The Crucifix

Postby Acitsym » Tue May 12, 2015 5:29 am

Although I have no Christian affiliation, around this time last year I was compelled to start carrying in my pocket a Decade rosary made with Jobs Tears. It has been with me everyday since getting it and I hold it during my prayers, regardless of what prayer I'm making. For me it has become a tangible reminder of my quest for Spirit. Throughout the day I often check in my pocket make sure it's still there. Once I've touched it I say an appropriate prayer for the moment either silently or aloud if I'm alone. To me both the Inverted and upright crucifix are beautiful symbols. The plain cross, however, has an adverse effect on me. Like mentioned above, I have an almost burst of mild rage when seeing one.

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