Satan's Masks

Symbols and allegories.
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Satan's Masks

Post by Fomalhaut »

Satan's core essence appears in many aspects of life and has a myriad of masks. With what kind of masks does Satan appear in different aspects of your life? Which is closest to your heart? Which ones are more incomprehensible and challenging?
"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."
— C.G. Jung
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Re: Satan's Masks

Post by Nefastos »

I think that Satan, ultimately a bright divinity, often comes near us in difficult and/or challenging forms; in something we at first won't understand to be sacred & beneficent.

That said, one approach to the "masks of Satan" would be to consider the 7+1 cardinal sins as these. Especially the four highest ones are dear to me: Lust, Wrath, Pride & Despair. They are of Him, a part of Satan's manifold mask, both manifesting him & hiding him from the view. There's a secret in them, a hidden energy & the (possibility of) enlightenment.
Faust: "Lo contempla. / Ei muove in tortuosa spire / e s'avvicina lento alla nostra volta. / Oh! se non erro, / orme di foco imprime al suol!"
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Re: Satan's Masks

Post by Bies »

I agree that Satan most recognizably appears wearing masks of hardship, rather he is the silver-lining of strife and the accomplishment that comes with diligence.
"It was also given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him."
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Re: Satan's Masks

Post by LoopGodel »

Interesting thread.

Satan's masks are something I am wresting with at present, as I work through The Dark Face section of Fosforos. The following thought came to mind as I read the various comments...

Satan cannot appear to an individual in a manner completely independent of that person's inner psychic materials. Therefore, only to the extent that we have approached the unification of Light and Darkness within, can we behold Satan truly - in original form. Satan longs for us to do the Great Work of inner alchemy, so that He/She may be known.

I put that forward as a hunch, for discussion.


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