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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:27 pm
by Angolmois
My name is an ancient name for the Greek god of the North Wind. I have used it here and there for years and it has multiple meanings for myself, the closest being a reference to wind and air as correspondences of the reason and Intellect but also prana. The second correspondence for myself is its connotations with Spirit (spirit moves where it wills etc.).

My signature is from an old rune poem of the rune Sowilo/Sol (Sun), and it means: Sun is the light of the lands, I bow to Holiness.

Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:42 am
by Mimesis
As I try and start to reintroduce the use of the forums and regain some semblance of consistency toward those things most important in my life, I thought that this might be a good thread to start with contributing to.

My brotherhood name changed just shy of one year ago. It was previously Omoksha. This was a conjunction of the two conceptual syllables/words of Om and Moksha. I subtracted and used a singular ‘m‘ deliberately, to emphasise the unity between the two words and the concept I was basing it around. I won’t labour this anymore, everyone is, I am sure, more than familiar with the two, and I think I posted something of a description of this original name some years ago, when I first associated with it.

In short however, it was a (necessarily) idealistic and naive name for that period of my life. It started to conflict significantly with me though, when that idealistic naivety had gone as quickly as it came. Hence, the need for change....

Now, as has been the case for a silent year, the name I associate with is Mimesis. I loosely consider Aristotle’s intention. That being its mirror like quality - the imitation of nature within itself. The mirror that imitates nature in art, and art in nature. Further, it elicits my fairly obsessive interest in Greek tragedy, and the connection and symbolism I feel it brings between Satanism and the difficulty of functioning in the world.
The need to see and understand the nature of suffering as and within the hamartia of humanity. The individual becoming a mirror of that hamartia in the world, as the world mirroring it within the individual.

Similarly, so too has my signature changed a number of times - and do not doubt that it will do so again - but it is currently taken from a line said by Prospero in The Tempest, by Shakespeare.

“We are such stuff. As dreams are made on, and our little life. Is rounded with a sleep.”

I enjoy the playfulness that this has regarding the fragility of life. Prospero uses it as a metaphor for the island in The Tempest; Shakespeare uses it as a metaphor for the dichotomy between the stage of the theatre and the ‘real world’; and we can look at it as a metaphor for the fragility and failure of ‘life’ to be anything concretely real, but that when we accept death as a sleep - which life is rounded by - we accept the consideration that death in fact presents us with something lasting/real/eternal....

Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2020 11:33 am
by Angolmois
Rúnatýr is one of the names of Odin in Nordic literature and means roughly "The Lord / God of the Runes". There is also some word play on my part in the choosing of this name, since Ruuna is a Finnish name for a castrated horse, and because of this castration a Ruuna is more able to be with other horses since its male hormones don't come into the way. Týr is the God of Tuesday and I liken him to Azazel and to the Aesir in general (Asa-sel = Soul of the Aesir).

My signature changes every time a new rune comes to play in my rune work cycles, and it is always an old rune poem.

Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:27 pm
by Polyhymnia
Lovely thread :) I very much enjoyed reading your descriptions, Mimesis and Rúnatýr.

Polyhymnia is said to be the muse of sacred hymn in Greco-Roman myth. I chose this upon joining because at the time, all of my working had to do with music, and I still find this to be the case, and I suppose my name will stay this way until that changes.

My quote is from the poetic novel The Broken Wings by Kahlil Gibran, and I believe it is the purest expression of love, and one I constantly want to remind myself of. Though it is written about a person, I like to think of it in relation to the Divine and how I want to live my life exemplifying that love.

Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:10 pm
by Angolmois
Polyhymnia wrote: Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:27 pm Lovely thread :) I very much enjoyed reading your descriptions, Mimesis and Rúnatýr.
Also I need to mention that "Eunuch" is also one of the names of Odin, so my wordplay isn't that unfounded.

Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2021 3:48 pm
by Angolmois
My new name symbolizes the ending of rune work and a change in my esoteric and magical work. I personally liken the name into the concept of the "Red King" (Lucifer-Christos) and in the writings and prophecies of Nostradamus to the Anti-Christ which I believe people in this hemisphere liken to the Christ. I like the name because of its Azazelian and Martian connotations, and because it also spells my name as Anglo Ismo (I have ancestry in the Anglo world as far as I know it).