Explain your Name and Signature

Symbols and allegories.
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by Seeker666 »

Thank you Heith! I'm very much looking forward to posting!
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by Tulihenki »

My name is combining the two Finnish words: tuli (fire) and henki (spirit). Fire is my elementary approach, burning feeling in my heart and sign of my dedication to religion. Fire also signifies one of my yogic practices called Tummo which is about increasing possibilities of wisdom to manifest by inner heat. Spirit (henki) comes from the true essence of manifested God.
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by Insanus »

My name means roughly "insane" as anyone could have guessed. Firstly, it's a joke: me laughing at myself trying to intellectually grasp the obvious by questionings.
Secondly, it's to constantly remind myself of a Truth that can't be argued with or explained with plain common sense: a reminder to stop laughing every now and then.

-I am sitting with a philosopher in the garden; he says again and again "I know that that's a tree", pointing to a tree that is near us. Someone else arrives and hears this, and I tell them: "This fellow isn't insane. We are only doing philosophy."

-"The thing I would dread most, if I became mentally ill, would be your adopting a common sense attitude; that you could take it for granted that I was deluded. "

-"It's only by thinking even more crazily than philosophers do that you can solve their problems."

Those quotes are from Ludwig Wittgenstein, & my signature, well it's the same stuff really.
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by Heith »

My name stems from Old Norse Heiðr meaning "bright" or "honour". I use the Anglo-version of the name for the simple reason that it's a lot easier. Still, I find either way of writing this name to be correct, and use both when corresponding with my brethren. The meaning of the word is certainly something I wish to strive towards. Always seek to lead a honourable life. And let's not confuse this with any egoistic honour/pride, for the two are not related.

Heiðr is a name sometimes used of seeresses (völva) in the old sagas, and can be thought to be a title rather than a actual name. She is especially mentioned in the famous poem Völuspá (22)

Heith they named her
who sought their home,
The wide-seeing witch,
in magic wise;
Minds she bewitched
that were moved by her magic,
To evil women
a joy she was.

(transl. by Bellows)

This text also mentions lady Gullveig, who is burned thrice in Odin's hall, but she can not be destroyed. Supposedly this even leads to the first war between the Aesir and the Vanir, that are two different types of Gods. The Vanir are older, and the poem might describe the more war-like arrival of the faith of the Aesir. But we don't know this.

Some scholars suggest that Heith is another name for the Vanir goddess Freyja, as Gullveig is as well. I tend to agree to this. "Freyja" is nothing more than a title, meaning "Lady". "Gullveig" we don't know about, possibly "gold-lust". In adopting this name I am consciously moving myself closer to these archetypes, and to Freyja who to me taught how to work with both my feminine and masculine sides in a more balanced way.

I chose the name somewhat grudgingly, because I felt that it could be a name that would change some things, or be a huge challenge or even somewhat destructive. Certainly, it does demand attention and has changed some things in me but so far I feel, always for the better. Names for me are never just "names", I believe they define and bind magically and especially when working in a magical environment, such as a brotherhood, one has great responsibility in considering such matters. Yet I felt that this is a step that must be taken, and I was willing to face the consequences, whatever they might be. And like Gullveig, I too must face fire, to burn away the excess and emerge anew.

There's of course more to this, but it seems that these are my private affairs, or to be shared between myself and my brethren.
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by wayfareangel »

Years ago, when I needed a user name for something, I came up with Wayfare Angel. I was supremely lucky that my mother had a taste for different music, or else I'd never of come across Nightwish, a Finnish symphonic metal band (though this is likely one of the few places I don't have to explain that), which kept me sane through my depressed years. I first heard the term 'Wayfarer' in the song of the same name, and it stuck with me given the wanderlust that's always been nestled in my soul.

Wayfare Angel is just something that sounded pretty when I was younger, and has meaning now because of how long it has stuck with me, and grown with me. I very much like the idea of being a feather on the wind, trying to effect things positively wherever I land.

True to form, my signature is also from a Nightwish song, Eva. Again, mostly because the line sounds good, and because the song itself is close to my heart.
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by Mimesis »

Omoksha was presented to me during meditation within the first few weeks of being welcomed into the brotherhood, and is a connective of the Sanskrit terms 'Om' and 'Moksha'. It represents the current, ongoing and eternal spiritual aim and realisation of Lucifer as the divine spark in all wisdom, that leads to the ultimate liberation and 'light' (found in and as darkness) of Satan.

The use of a singular 'm' is deliberate, as the connective use of both represents a totality of an ideal that is necessarily separate to the original individual terms. To keep both in their original form, thus sustaining a double 'm' ('mm'), would to me separate this unity.

Numerous experiences left many a powerful impression on me, in league with the name, during my time with it in meditation
This continued, and at the same time, the seven lettered word (Omoksha) became more and more obvious to me that it was an expression of a life truly devoted to spirit and its septenary principles, with the trident below, self central and trident above; Satan - Lucifer - Azazel.

Since affirming the name, the synchronisation that has occurred has been of the highest order, and has opened the gates, so to speak, to the spiritually holistic life with which I devote myself.

As for my signature; In girum imus nocte~ecce~et consumimur igni

It is a Latin palindrome, which in itself symbolises the infinite path of paradox and unity, and translates as; We go wandering at night and are consumed by fire

In short, the words themselves, to me at least, symbolise my path that is of the night and its leading to spirit, which is elementally symbolised by fire and vice versa.
"We are such stuff. As dreams are made on, and our little life. Is rounded with a sleep."
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by Silvaeon »

My name comes from Steven Erikson's fantasy series, The Malazan Book of the Fallen.

In this work, a Shield Anvil is described as follows:
A shield Anvil (or T’orrud Segul in the language of the First Empire) was the mortal repository for the fallen (dead), sworn to a particular god. Also described as a mortal soul, to assume the sorrow of the world on behalf of a god. Along with the Mortal Sword and the Destriant, they formed the triumvirate which represented a particular faith.'
I find this to be a beautiful representation of empathy, and relating to the philosophy of oneness - being able to see the unity of all, and having the desire to help carry the sorrow of those around you because of this, in hopes of a more spiritually based world.

My signature comes from a song by Agalloch, 'In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion'. It always stood out to me, and represents faith through direct expefience with divinity.
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by InSaNeO »

My Name comes from an Internet nickname I've used since I was a child, my signature is of more revealence, It is a Trident used to symbolize the band Watain, it was through the music of Dissection and Watain that I came to find the path that I walk now, I'm glad to be able to join you guys here on the forums, SOA has very much been in my interest, a little about myself, I am into a form of Anti Cosmic Gnostic Satanism, At this point in my life I'm very interested in working with the material that has been coming out of Finland and Sweden and translated to English, I found myself attracted to the writings of N. A. A- 218 and Johannes Nefastos, so here I am, hopefully able to watch and learn something from this forum
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by Kenazis »

Welcome to the forum InSaNeO. It's always nice that people with different backgrounds come here to share their knowledge and visions.
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Re: Explain your Name and Signature

Post by obnoxion »

I realized I had not explained my name on the English forum.

The name came to me as an intuitive whole. It can be, however, thoroughly analyzed. The main idea was the combination of serpent (obion), with night (nox) fixed in the center of the word as the serpent's heart. And obnoxioius is a word for poisonous. So the name could be read as "the serpent, who by swallowing its own poison, transforms its heart into a night".

I often write the name without the capital O, to stress the equality of the three o's. I considered them to represent the three eyes of Bhairava/Bhairavi. But also, words with many o's tend to be ghostly, which is important for me. Of late I've come to associate the three o's with the qualities of my experience of the radically pan(en)theisti reality: omnipresent, oceanic and oscillating.

There are other aspects to the name, but I think these are the important ones.

My signature is a puranic sentence which stresses the greatness of Shiva.
One day of Brahma has 14 Indras; his life has 54 000 Indras. One day of Vishnu is the lifetime of Brahma. The lifetime of Vishnu is one day of Shiva.
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