Satan's Masks

Symbols and allegories.
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Re: Satan's Masks

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LunaticSun wrote: Mon Jan 11, 2021 1:16 pm
Aquila wrote: Mon Jan 11, 2021 12:39 pm This sounds quite interesting actually. If we think how memories form the illusion (or experience, as "illusion" seems somewhat prejudiced word in this context) of chronological time and how these lived experiences are imprinted in the physical matter, you might be on the right tracks here. Satan certainly has to do with time and matter in his Saturnal aspect.
But if so - what would be the other aspects of Satan? Are they less 'personal' and have a palpable meaning only when we look at everything at a grander scale? Or are there still some other attributes of his that impact us individually? (except for challenge, experience, and the sin-temptation that was already mentioned by Nefastos?)
Smaragd already answered the questions so probably I have not much to add to that. I was refering to your idea that Satan would be the last visitor to those who die which I found quite interesting and a good idea. This would have something to do with matter and time dissolving which would result in people seeing their "life flash before their eyes" and experiencing everything they have done from the other point of view, through the experiences of other people around them.

That does not make Satan a synonym of experience although it might be good to clarify what experience means and how it is connected to the theme of Satan's mask:

Satan's masks are often presented in the form of the otherness. In everyday life this means everything we experience and observe as human beings. Basically that means other beings and "objects" around us. One could say that everything around us is a mask presented as otherness, something outside of us and something unknown to us. In these life experiences our deeds are are truly weighed out. This is at least one of the major Satan's masks to be observed and which challenges us every day.

The experiences we have on Earth at the moment only become possible in time and time is a property of matter and space, making life on earth (the material and physical life) quite a saturnal way of living and experiencing things. Our memory enables us the experience of chronological time. When we die, this experience dissolves with our physical bodies. It's all very "satanic" I think, if you consider this Saturnal aspect of Satan to be quite a major player in human life.

Of course other interpretations can and should be made as well. Here I am only describing one possible way to think of life's saturnal side.
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Re: Satan's Masks

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Oh wow now I see the beauty of this idea as well, thanks. And yes, though being related, it is certainly not synonymous with experience then.
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