Mormonism & Luciferian Concepts of Godhood

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Re: Mormonism & Luciferian Concepts of Godhood

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Nefastos wrote: Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:38 pm
Rúnatýr wrote: Sat Sep 26, 2020 12:46 pmFor there is a very certain difference between epiteths the/this as seen from the spiritual perspective. I have for example pondered quite alot of the SoA affiliation of Sanatkumara to Satan.

Yes. I wrote quite a lot about this in Argarizim. Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Young, is also dealt there under the kabbalistic name of Metatron, similarly called the Young. It doesn't make the topic any easier that Melkisedek and another iuventus, namely St. John the Younger (the evangelist) join to the same torrent of epithets, archetypes & heavenly offices.
As I've researched this possible correspondence of Odin to Melkhisedek, some striking resemblances have emerged. For example, Odin is called "The Ancient Divine Ruler", he is a magi-priest, and he is affiliated also with the planet Jupiter (King Jupiter, says one of the rune poems), and Tsedek is the Hebrew name of Jupiter. He is also the God of Ecstasy and Poetry, which link him to "bread and wine". I think I'm not on shallow ground here.
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