Drugs, mental illness, and the link to Satanism

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Re: Drugs, mental illness, and the link to Satanism

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Kenazis wrote: Wed Jan 20, 2021 11:30 am I watched some documentary about psychopaths and there was one openly psychopath dude who admitted it and his wife was guiding him because he didn't himself understand what is appropriate. He wanted to be good, but didn't understand when he got over the line of "good and bad". Then there was some researcher/scientist that studied psychopaths and did some kind of tests and surprisingly he was himself also a psychopath (or he had strong traits of psychopathy). This scientist-guy speculated that because he had very good parents, happy childhood and so on, he was able to grow a good citizen. He speculated that without this good ground to grow healthy it would be very much possible that he would be some kind of criminal or even a murderer because of these psychopathic traits.
It's fascinating to think about the researcher's upbringing and its effect on his psychopathy. In a study, I read that psychopaths have a different chemical composition than a neurotypical person (something to do with the oxytocin levels, and is not exclusive to psychopathy but other personality disorders as well), and this is why they don't feel things like empathy or guilt. A dear friend of mine's family member was seemingly born without a conscience. This resulted in his always choosing the "wrong" thing in a situation. Knowing him from a young age until now, it's been fascinating to see how this pattern has repeated itself in his life despite coming from a very loving and good household. When asked about the thing inside of him that tells him to do or not do something, that is, his conscience, he responded, "I don't have that." I imagine the outcomes of a psychopath's life are virtually endless and near impossible to track due to all the factors at play, and Ramirez is just an extreme example of various negative factors afflicting a single person and resulting in "evil personified".
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Re: Drugs, mental illness, and the link to Satanism

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Polyhymnia wrote: Wed Jan 20, 2021 6:48 am Very fascinating contributions, as always, Smaragd. I especially liked your insight about people following astral intoxications. Sometimes I still struggle with this myself in various forms. Though I will most likely never touch another hard drug in my life again, there are other things that I am addicted to that take all of my will power to not give in to. But as you say, these things must be looked at holistically always. Giving into the astral impulses, for me, anyway, results in shame and a feeling of weakness. The overcoming of these urges results in strength and the ability to hold my head ups; the trial is ongoing, but this singular event has been conquered.
Yep, the struggle is real and the thing we are fighting is like the Hydra of Lerna, the same water monster lifting up two heads when one is cut off. Sometimes when I've managed to go long without falling or even avoided temptations althogether, there's such clarity of mind. But sometimes it feels like it is better to fall in to some minor semi-controlled temptation than to cut it coldly and multiply the amount of heads. It is such a long process that it seems to necessitate letting the monster make its moves. A kind of dance with the sea beast.
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Re: Drugs, mental illness, and the link to Satanism

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Polyhymnia wrote: Sun Jan 17, 2021 9:49 pmIn the name of Satan? In the name of drug psychosis? Mental illness? With those three factors working together, which is the dominant force?

I believe that there works parasitic unions on the downward path, similar but inverted when compared to the spiritual associations that benefit aspirants on the path of ascension. And thus it is very hard to say where some reason or fault begins or ends. Wills and "spirits" form web-like structures, and things are not easy to perceive when we really start to zoom our focus into them. Rather, a new dimensional axis comes into view. From our worldly point of view, different things collapse into a new (event) horizon when we look things this way. Several points of energy become one.

Thus "Satan" (which should rather be "beings of the mask", the lowest order of astral pseudo-entities), drug psychosis, traumas that have been forced into someone's psychological structure, and one's personal choice, slowly unveil to be one thing on the path of descension. But this evil unification is a process, a struggle, which one can still fight & win: to take his own will elsewhere. But it is so tempting to give in; to follow the path that is laid before us. The path into actual hell, that results from giving in to temptation of hurting others.
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