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Re: Monastic Life

Postby Polyhymnia » Thu Jan 30, 2020 11:29 pm

Smaragd wrote:
Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:14 am
Point me to the monastery of Star of Azazel an I’m heading over there to live at once! I will provide its habitants and visitors with the fruits of the garden and take part of the literary work, and that of art, as well as the choir practice. The masses during the day and night will have my presence also.
Packing my bags as we speak in anticipation :lol:

Seriously though. I often have visions of a beautiful plot of land that I interpret as a Satanic retreat. But Satanic monastery is where it's at. I don't know how many times in a week I message Fra Silvaeon about how all I want to do is live a spiritual life and how frustrated I am that so much of my energy needs to go to the every day mundanity that is being a functioning and contributing member of society. I don't state it quite that eloquently, though. When I was younger I entertained the idea of being a nun, but that quickly left when I found out how nuns were, and still sometimes are, treated.
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Re: Monastic Life

Postby Kavi » Fri Jan 31, 2020 6:51 pm

My two cents:
I have also kept the idea of monastic life as a tempting alternative for myself, but because of it being only the tempting alternative to reduce and escape the pains of atomized modern lifestyle I thought it wouldn't be right choice for me to take, instead I will drink from this bitter cup and suffer.
For a person who needs highly scheduled timing for everything in life I tend to think that institutionalized places: garrisons, camps, monasteries, elementary school etc. would be the optimal places for me.
I had chosen Stone aspect based on this idea that I needed to train myself in order to find a path to focus my energy levels so that I could organize my life. The conclusion being, of course, that I haven't finished my aspect practices and I am constantly delaying Hermes lodge's book discussions and I fear I can't attend in any practices or reading groups after this one.
The kind of scheduled life which is based on rigidness is of course not good either from satanic perspective and it would be nice to learn to organize and schedule life without monastery.

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