Lodge Hermes

Aspect: Eye
Founded: October 24th 2018
Contact: Aquila
Location: International

Lodge Hermes studies Western philosophy, different esoteric traditions and esotericism’s relationship to rational philosophy, science and arts. A particular emphasis is put on bridging the gap between esotericism and mainstream philosophy, on one hand by tracing implicit esoteric ideas in rational philosophy, and, on the other hand, by offering philosophical and psychological tools of self-critique for committed esotericists. The lodge is most often active in the internet, but there are also local physical events, for example lectures or reading circles. Hermes operates both in English and Finnish, but also other languages can be used if possible and needed.

In addition to understanding and accepting the basic principles of the Star of Azazel Hermes requires the age of 18 years and philosophical approach to esotericism, as expressed above. Formal knowledge in philosophy or esotericism is not required, but the essential virtue is the willingness to approach everything in both open and critical attitude. Membership is applied by sending an informal application to the postal address of SoA. A member of another authorized lodge of SoA may just approach the guide of Hermes via e-mail or otherwise and discuss about the membership.